About Health Coach Karen Marshall

It all started with a simple decision..... In 2009 I was shocked by the news from my doctor that I was pre-diabetic.  In addition, I had been suffering from stress and daily headaches.  My doctor's advice was to lose weight, so I tried several different diets with little success.  Then a close friend contacted me with the great news that she had lost weight on a program and learned what to do to keep it off!  The program focused on optimal health with the help of a health coach, and she encouraged me to try it.  I thought to myself "what have I got to lose?"  What I lost was 60 pounds and have kept it off for over 9 years; but it's more about what I have gained - MY HEALTH.  I am no longer pre-diabetic, headaches are a thing of the past, and I live almost a stress-free life.  Thanks to this program and my health coach, I have transformed my life one healthy habit at a time and I'm helping others do the same.  

Will you be next?                                    


Where are You in this Picture?

Over the past 9 years, Karen has helped over 500 people across the United States achieve health and weight loss goals.  Most had tried numerous diets with little or no success.  Many had developed health issues that often accompany excess weight and poor lifestyle habits such as pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and High Blood Pressure.